Julio C. Cavero, P.A. has developed a department that’s solely dedicated to removal actions and Landlord/Tenant matters.  It specifically handles commercial and residential evictions, ejectments and unlawful detainer actions.  Within the context of residential evictions, his staff deals with all forms of statutorily required notices (i.e., Three (3) Day, Seven (7) Day & Fifteen (15) Day notices), as well as Section 8 matters for tenants with subsidized housing.  Ejectments and unlawful detainer actions are dealt with in the requisite county’s circuit court.  Over the course of the last few years, his firm has represented clients in hundreds of lawsuits protecting the rights of landlords and making sure that they, in return, comply with all aspects of the Landlord/Tenant Act.  Benefit from his extensive experience by retaining him TODAY.